What is PAS 125?            

PAS 125 is owned and maintained by BSI, the National Standards Body

PAS 125 is the industry agreed technical specification for the process of vehicle body repair. It provides body-shops the processes and procedures directly related to the safe repair of accident damaged vehicles.

PAS 125 details minimum requirements for competent personnel, appropriate and well-maintained equipment, suitable repair methods and quality for repair materials.

The PAS focuses on the four key elements of repair methods, people, equipment and materials, as well as repair process management, with an emphasis on continual improvement. As a result, PAS 125 directs body-shops to the achievement of a safe and technically sound repair.

Station Garage are committed to providing the best standards and practices and are currently working towards gaining the PAS 125 kitemark.

Please click HERE to download a pdf file explaining the benefits and features of PAS 125.


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